SwordSearcher 7.1

Seems like I have really settled in on an annual major update cycle for SwordSearcher.

Version 7.1 is done now.

Here’s a quick summary. New features include:

  • A highly flexible and intelligent Bible Reading Schedule System
  • Passage Analysis Tool
  • Faster library tab access
  • User module editor enhancements (direct paste image support, etc)
  • More copy style options

Three new library modules:

More info here.

What I’m using (Jan 2013)

Not sure if anyone would be interested in this at all, but here’s the software I’m using as of Jan 2013:

  • Windows 8 — I have this on my primary desktop and also a Samsung Series 7 Slate. It’s nowhere near as bad as you’ve heard. It’s quite good in fact. On the Slate, the new “modern” interface Microsoft has developed is excellent. It really is designed as a touch-first UI, so using the new interface on a keyboard/mouse desktop takes a little getting used to. But on a tablet, it’s great, and its design beats any Android device I’ve seen and is arguably superior to the iPad. On the desktop, the Windows 8 desktop mode is basically Windows 7 plus more speed and other various improvements.
  • I’m still using my Amazon Kindle Fire that I reviewed over a year ago. It’s great for reading books.
  • I’ve switched from using Google as my primary web search to Bing. I just like it better. You might too, find out and see.
  • I use Illium eWallet to store my passwords and other data. I’m still using the desktop version.
  • The Bat! is still how I prefer to do email. There is no suitable “cloud” replacement that I have found yet.
  • I am using Delphi XE3 for development.
  • I recently upgraded to Adobe Lightroom 4 for my camera work, but I am still using CS5 for Dreamweaver, Photoshop, and Illustrator.
  • I use NextGen Reader on Windows 8 and my Windows Phone 7.5 to keep up with my news feeds.

That’s the main stuff.

Daily Bible and Prayer 2.3 Released; Integrates with SwordSearcher

Seems as though I only use this blog to announce software updates now!


My lightweight Bible application Daily Bible and Prayer got an update. Not to be confused with SwordSearcher, DBAP is not meant for in-depth Bible study but instead focuses on Bible reading planning and prayer tracking. Details on this new release here.

This version adds integration with SwordSearcher, so if you’re reading along in DBAP and decide you want to jump off to an in-depth Bible study on a verse, you can do that with a single click.

Oh, and now it’s free. Enjoy!