SwordSearcher 8.4 released

A few days ago, Amazon sent me an email notifying me that I cannot resupply them with copies of SwordSearcher, because they need to devote incoming shipment processing to household goods and other essentials.

Literally days before California’s governor ordered all non-essential work in the state to be suspended, six boxes of SwordSearcher 8.4 discs and packaging were shipped out of the manufacturing facility in Santa Ana. They’ve arrived safely in Oklahoma, so I am now prepared to announce the new version (see below). Since I work out of my home, there’s no reason I can’t fulfill orders.

I suppose if the boxes had been held up for an indefinite period of time, I would have done a digital-only release of 8.4. But there are still people buying SwordSearcher who don’t have an internet connection good enough to download over a gigabyte of installation bits. So, I am thankful that I was able to get the product in time.

My heart goes out to business and workers that can’t function exclusively from homes. As convenient as technology has made working from home for so many, it is impossible to have an economy based entirely on people working out of their homes.

Anyway, this is supposed to be an announcement for the new release of SwordSearcher 8.4.  I had planned to do this tomorrow, and will likely still hold off on sending an announcement email until then, but everything is ready now. So here we are.

Head on over here for the actual release announcement.

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