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So you’re here, and your wondering who this Brandon Staggs is. If you’re sure you want to know, read on for a mini-bio.

I was born in California, and didn’t bother anybody until I was eight years old and got my first computer: a Commodore 64. A year later, I started teaching myself how to program on it, and am now earning my living as a software programmer (among other things).

Later, I also discovered that I enjoy writing provocative editorials, short stories, and other musings. So I joined up with a bunch of other students  and we published Temecula Valley High School’s first “underground newspaper,” which we called Open Season. The school mascot was a bear. Get it? Clever, huh? At that time I knew everything, so writing about anything was exceptionally easy.

Anyway, I’m a born again Bible believing Christian. That’s a mouthful, I know, but what it means is that I believe on Jesus Christ and rely on him for my salvation, and I believe the Bible is God’s word. (As of April 2009, I am using a separate blog for my Bible study posts.)

Right there I lost half the audience. Nevertheless, I shall plod on.

At the old age of 19 I married my wife, Rebekah. Don’t ask me what took so long. We lived in Hawaii for ten years, then moved to Oklahoma, where we currently reside. (Yes yes, I know: Oklahoma!? Believe me, there are good reasons to move from the Garden Island to Green Country.) God has blessed us with three children.

We are homeschoolers by conviction. No, we don’t just homeschool as a choice, we do it because it’s the right thing to do.

There goes another chunk of the audience. Still reading?

Talking politics is always a good way to clear a room (or liven it up), so let’s try that: I’m a Republican, but I’m not sure I want to admit to that any more. I suppose the only reason I tell people I am a Republican is so that they won’t think I am a Democrat.

As to what I do: I like programming, and I love the Bible, so I am usually developing Bible Study Software. You can see much of the software I have developed at StudyLamp Software. I also do contract programming in the Tulsa area. When not programming, I’m usually doing web-related work, marketing, design, etc. Lots of things. I also offer web design services.

I’ve got a sarcastic and dry sense of humor and I don’t usually sugarcoat my opinions. What’s a guy like me to do? Run a blog, of course.