SwordSearcher 7.1

Seems like I have really settled in on an annual major update cycle for SwordSearcher.

Version 7.1 is done now.

Here’s a quick summary. New features include:

  • A highly flexible and intelligent Bible Reading Schedule System
  • Passage Analysis Tool
  • Faster library tab access
  • User module editor enhancements (direct paste image support, etc)
  • More copy style options

Three new library modules:

More info here.

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4 thoughts on “SwordSearcher 7.1”

  1. I really like V. 7.1. I’m so glad you put in a reading scheduler. Thanks again!

  2. I will ask the question via the safety of my computer but do you plan to make a Mac version of SwordSearcher?

  3. SwordSearcher is Windows software. To use it on a Mac, you would need something like Parallels Desktop to run Windows software. You can find more information on Parallels Desktop here: http://www.parallels.com/products/desktop/

    I am not affiliated with this software. I’ve been told by Mac users that it runs SwordSearcher on their Mac very nicely.

    I am only able to provide support for SwordSearcher itself. Since I do not have a Mac I do not have a way of providing technical assistance related to the Mac operating system or Parallels.

  4. Hi brother, just viewed lightly & see your strong willingness to avail us readers everything on reading or study God’s Word w/ schedules user friendly, thks. Brandon. Please think how you can add measures to exonerate/lift up our Savior & how it’s the Holy Spirit who teaches & what is meant to be born again. Many self claims, but few “know” Christ. Thks

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