Dad investigated for NOT drugging son

Dad Investigated for Taking Son Off Meds

“The detective told me if I did not medicate my son, I would be arrested for child abuse and neglect.”

The “meds” referred to here are drugs designed to alter the personality of the child — specifically, Ritalin. So now we have a government agent telling a father that he is required to give his son drugs to make him less of a boy. That’s what it’s about — the kid doesn’t fit well into the classroom setting, so instead of working with the child in a setting less artificial, dope him up and make him more passive. Rob him of his personality because it doesn’t suit the synthetic “educational” environment he is being forced into.

Virginia Government: Those kids are ours!

In Virginia, children still belong to the government, and parents do not have the right to educate their children unless they have what the State considers a sufficient education themselves. [Article] Virginia throws parents a bone and allows them access to the development of their children if they are enrolled in a course that the all-knowing and all-perfect State education system approves of. With all of the hoops Virginian parents are required to jump through to control the education of their own children, one wonders: what is the legal recourse that a parent has if the Virginia education system fails their child?

Home schooling isn’t just being done by a bunch of people with guns in Idaho.

Wow, a fairly positive story on homeschooling in the mainstream press! [Article] Pretty good article.

A few things though: “Home schooling isn’t just being done by a bunch of people with guns in Idaho.” Hey now. What’s wrong with a bunch of people with guns in Idaho? “Home schooling is for highly motivated kids who want to learn and don’t need the daily accountability.” Sure, some kids don’t need “daily accountability.” But homeschooling is also for kids with parents who take an active interest in their development, whether or not they need “daily accountability.”