My Software

Some of the programs I have authored are listed here.

SwordSearcher Bible Software
An extensive Bible study application. This is the primary focus of my software development efforts. SwordSearcher has been in development since 1995. It includes a wide range of commentaries and study aids.

Daily Bible and Prayer
Prayer tracker, Bible-in-a-year plan, and daily devotional.

Makes it easy to make sure files aren’t damaged or altered. Works with MD5, SHA, and other checksum methods.

Drop-in JavaScript that lets webmasters get free auto-linking and pop-ups for Bible verse references.

Most of my software can be seen here: StudyLamp Software LLC. If you’re really, really looking for some more info on my career, try TulsaCoder.

7 thoughts on “My Software”

  1. I have sword searcher for my p.c. And love it. Is it possible to get this software for my ipad?

  2. These are thoughts on “My Software”.

    First let me say that SwordSearcher has allowed me to meet God by using Information Technology to dive deep into the letters He wrote to us over the time of His-(s)tory. Thank you Brandon for SwordSearcher version 3 especially.

    I started using SwordSearcher 3 on my Windows ME computer on or around the year 2000 and I’m not really interested in the later versions which includes a wide range of commentaries and study aids. I recently was given my first Windows 10 computer and being that I am not really interested in SwordSearcher 8, I would like to keep using my SwordSearcher 3 16-bit program on Windows 10. It will not run on Windows 10. Have you found a solution for this?

    You may want to take a look at some of the other Projects we are working on as well. I’d love to see a quick and easy SwordSearcher 3 version as an Android App. Are you interested?

  3. I’m sorry, if you want to use SwordSearcher 3, you’ll have to stick with an old system to do it. For Windows 10, you’ll need SwordSearcher 7 or later for full compatibility.

    Also, just to be clear, you can easily install SwordSearcher 8 without any commentaries or books.

  4. I actually came across both this site and your Commodore 64 site by searching Google for Bible software for the 64! I recently became a c64 collector and would love to add a version of scripture to my setup. Have you thought of porting any of your bible study or prayer software over to the Commodore 64?

  5. Funny enough, I actually have thought of making a Bible program for my C64 as a fun exercise. But no, it isn’t something I am going to do. I think you’re the first person to ever ask me about it. :-D

  6. Wow, I am here in April 04, 2020, about to suggest something similar…..I am a Christian and former (and Current) C=64 owner (Got a C64 mini now WooHoo!). I was much more of an Amiga enthusiast later on…but back to the C64……anywayyyyy

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, I beg you………….just at least port Bible text to the C64 that can be read in a synthesized voice on the C64..I am shocked no one has ported a Bible to the C64…Just take all the Text from e-sword Bible and paste it onto a C64 in C64 Fonts whalla! ( I know its not that simple hehe)

    Now is the time especially that these Mini Classic consoles are out and the next is the Turbografx-16 Mini (which I intend to get)
    I have very rare Amiga Bible software that reads the Bible to you in the Amiga Synthesized voice…surprisingly they made:
    KJV Version
    NKJV Version
    NIV Version
    and others….I have all 3 of the above in box! and I think they run off a single floppy each, and are hard drive installable.

    A simple Bible on the C64 would be tremendous…..heck if you could write ChipTunes…imagine God Of Wonders, I can Only Imagine, Awesome God Chiptunes?? Goodness!
    Come On Man!… Bible.crt, Bible.prg, Bible.d64, Bible.t64

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