I’m Color Blind. It’s no cure, but Enchroma glasses do work!

I hated learning colors when I was a kid. Green traffic lights look white. I’ve painted the sky purple more than once in art class.

I’m a moderate deutan — meaning I have a form of red-green color perception deficiency. You can see what it looks like here.

Enchroma sells glasses that are supposed to help a color blind person see more colors. To say I was skeptical when I first heard about it would be an understatement. Well, now I have a pair, and see for yourself my reaction.

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2 thoughts on “I’m Color Blind. It’s no cure, but Enchroma glasses do work!”

  1. I’m color blind also.
    Never thought i’d hear any one else say Green traffic lights look white.
    Every one thinks me crazy!!!

  2. I am also color blind. I am blind in my left eye due to diabetes and a detached retina that could not be fixed. My right eye has some vision, but what vision I have is definitely color blind. I, too, see stop lights as white when it should be green, but I can see the red and yellow lights. I have not checked the Enchoma glasses out yet, but hope they will work with my distance glasses that I have to wear when I go outside. That would be great. Thanks for telling us about these glasses!

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