Why left-wing politicians cheer on economic disaster

The senator said she didn’t think all responsibility for solving these problems should be vested in the Treasury Department, suggesting that “once we get through this immediate crisis,” the country should look at some Great Depression-era type of governmental entity to deal with it. –Article

Liberal politicians love these problems, because when things get rough, people turn to “security” in the government.  Rather than take the risk that they might have a rough patch, they will listen to the promise of “government entities” set up to protect and provide for them.

It doesn’t matter that the policies of the 90s are directly responsible for financial woes of today (the media will ignore that), and it doesn’t matter that the country still isn’t in a recession (the media will report that people are “worried about possible recession” to give the same emotional effect).  What matters is that people will turn to government and vest even more control over their lives in politicians promising to make things easier.

The Great Depression is the perfect example.  A downturn in the economy was turned into a disastrous depression by FDR’s policies (extending the depression far beyond it’s natural length) and the scope and power of the federal government was expanded into the private sector like never before.

I don’t worry about recession or depression so much as I worry about the loss of liberty and freedom they will bring as people turn more and more of their lives over to the government for safe keeping.

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