Global Warming Bureaucrats and Politicians

The majority of global warming research is funded by government grants.

These government grants provide excellent job security for researchers. And since they come from the government, an entity not subject to the natural forces of the private sector, results are not particularly important.

Global warming scare mongering gives government agents (politicians and bureaucrats) another foundation on which to seize power. (Any time politicians preempt the private sector and take away personal freedoms, they are transferring power from the individual to the collective.)

Global warming scare mongers and the government that funds them are in perfect symbiosis and are worthy of the utmost suspicion.

So what happens when this research is scrutinized?

From the American Thinker:

“Last week, Hansen, NASA’s lead scientist on global warming, penned a rather strange ad hominem attack against critics that questioned the validity of his work in the wake of corrections prompted by Steve McIntyre at Climate Audit…”

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