Google hits a speed bump on the road to world domination

Google’s quest to swallow the internet whole has hit a snag.  Google wants to acquire DoubleClick Inc. (an internet ad system company), but Congress may be saying hold on a sec.

In a July 16 letter to the Federal Trade Commission, which is investigating the deal, Rep. Bobby Rush, D-Ill., who chairs the House subcommittee, wrote there is “growing alarm over the implications for consumer privacy from the practices of these companies, especially if they combine.”

However, Google is confident they will be able to continue buying up everything online. Google spokesman Adam Kovacevich said:

“Numerous independent analysts and academics have determined that the online advertising industry is a dynamic and evolving space, and that rich competition in this industry will bring more relevant ads to consumers and more choices for advertisers and Web site publishers”

I’m not opposed to Google acquiring yet another internet company or service — free market at work, I say — and of course, Google promises it isn’t “evil” (it’s even in their company motto!). But it shows some chutzpah for Google to call this “rich competition,” when what they are seeking here is one less competitor.

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