Apple makes mouse with more than one button, Earth quakes.

Apple has always insisted that their users are not smart enough to handle more than one button on their mouse. So, people promptly replace their Apple mouse with one more efficient. I myself use a Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer 4 on my Mac Mini (I use the same one with Windows, too).

Well, if the news of Apple switching to Intel processors, after years of claiming Intel’s processors were inferior to PowerPC chips (which was never true), now Apple is adding more buttons to their mouse. Either Apple has decided that their customers’ IQs are rising and realized that if they can operate a car with more than one pedal they can click more than one button, or they finally got with the 21st century and made a decent mouse.

Although, after looking at pictures of the new mouse, one wonders if they simply don’t understand how a mouse is used. Oh well, looks like I’ll be keeping my trusty IntelliMouse for a few more years, even on the Mac Mini.

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