Supreme Court: Stillbirth Murder

The Supreme Court has already invented a constitutional right to privacy, a “right” that has led to legal abortion, the striking down of sodomy laws, etc. Proof that such a “right” is absurd, the court still upholds laws and rulings that interfere with this so-called right — such as not allowing private, personal drug use, prostitution, etc. But even more paradoxical is that the same court that has determined that this right means that a woman should be allowed to kill her unborn children, even late-term by having a doctor sever the child’s spinal cord and then extract the corpse from her womb, now is allowing a “stillbirth murder” ruling to stand. [Article] Here we have a cocaine addict who has been convicted of murder for killing her unborn child with drugs in her system. The absurdity of our judicial system’s arbitrary decisions regarding this “right” to privacy (which includes abortion rights) is amplified by the fact that if this woman had chosen to have a partial-birth abortion, instead of carry the child to term, there would be no legal question.

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