Rush and Schwarzenegger… The lynch mob is on a rampage.

Rush Limbaugh said that he thought McNabb was an overrated quarterback. He said that he thought the sports media wanted to see a black quarterback succeed so badly that they overrated McNabb. This is not a racist comment; it is a comment that includes a racial point. It is an indictment of the objectivity of journalists, not an attack on McNabb, though McNabb certainly would feel a bit slighted at being called overrated. Calling this a racist comment is lying. One can disagree with it but it is not racist. But this one the liberals won: Rush quit his commentator job at ESPN. One more score for the political correctness nazis.

But at the same time, something much worse came up. There is an investigation that alleges Rush repeatedly bought prescription pain medication illegally. Here’s what I think: First, the charges are suspect because they were solicited by tabloids for big bucks (six figures). Second, it is hard to believe that someone as intelligent as Limbaugh would trust a maid with such a sensitive thing as getting prescription drugs on the black market. There are doctors that will simply write the prescriptions for the right money. However, today, Rush declined to comment on the case. This is no proof of guilt, but it is hard for me to understand under what circumstances he would be unable to simply deny that he bought pain killers illegally from his maid, unless that it would be a lie. Regardless of the legal proceedings that are probably inevitable, if he is innocent, I don’t see why he can’t at least deny that he had done it. Now, no charges have been filed, so he can’t respond to charges that don’t exist, so I am inclined to wait it out and see what unfolds. If it happens to turn out that these allegations are true, it would be a disappointment. But, it is not difficult to understand how someone in extreme pain could become addicted to pain medication. I have had severe ear infections and I recall how unbearable the pain could get and couldn’t blame someone for wanting to get whatever medicine they could to alleviate such pain. Since Rush was going through a serious problem with his ears, this is quite possible. I don’t know. Anyway, if it is true, it is a very forgivable failing.

Now on to Schwarzenegger: I have written here that I find certain things about Arnold’s past very problematic and would have a hard time voting for him. To sum it up, I do not accept the defense that he gives when he says “if I had known I would be running for governor…” this implies that the behavior exhibited in such interviews as was published in Oui magazine is really okay, just not good for someone who would eventually run for office. This is an unrepentant attitude and I would have a hard time supporting someone who doesn’t flat-out disown such behavior. I also reject the notion that things done when someone was 30 years old are nothing more that youthful indiscretions. People can change, but people must acknowledge the change without excusing sin at the same time.

That being said, the recent LA Times reporting about Arnold’s sexual harassment history is cesspool-flotsam reporting at its worst. Timing such a report that it is published just days before an election is typical “October surprise” Democrat tactics. The bias of the LA Times is obvious and flagrant. Such a thing may end up having the opposite of the intended consequence. Many Californians will likely now vote for Arnold out of spite because the agenda of the LA Times reporting is so transparent and infuriating.

Even though I have misgivings about Arnold, and in fact, if I were still a Californian I would likely vote for McClintock, I despise the kind of treatment he is receiving.

It’s clear to me that this is a result of the liberal elite being out of power in the legislative and executive branches — and still losing the little power that they have. For decades they owned every branch of government almost across the entire country. Now they only have the judiciary. They are desperate and will stop at nothing to undo the loss they suffered over the last several years. Another example is the hyping of the complete non-scandal over the CIA agent who was ‘outed.’

Unfortunately, Americans have very, very short memories. There is no reason to believe that the liberal elite won’t win.

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