SwordSeacher 4.7 Released

My poor, neglected blog!

I have good reason for not writing an update in over a month. I’ve been getting the next release of SwordSearcher Bible Software ready, and today it is being “officially” released!

Here’s the new library material for version 4.7:

  • Matthew Poole’s Commentary on the Holy Bible
  • 1611 edition KJV Bible
  • Bishops Bible
  • Old Testament portion to Barnes Commentary (Full commentary now complete)
  • Newell’s Romans Verse by Verse commentary

And there are several other improvements as well — here is the complete revision history.

SwordSearcher 4.6 Released

I’m finally done preparing a new version of SwordSearcher Bible Software — version 4.6. The “official” release date is tomorrow (Feb 1, 2005), but I managed to get everything up today. Check out the revision history.

4.6 took me a lot longer to finalize than I originally expected, but it’s done and shipping! There are three new study resources this time, but the changes I am most pleased with are mostly cosmetic and internal. I’ve improved a lot of my code in regards to the display, so things are “snappier” now (not that they were ever slow). Also, I hired a graphic artist to redesign my toolbar glyphs, so SwordSearcher has an overall more ‘modern’ look to it now.

On a more technical note, SwordSearcher is now being developed with Delphi 2005. The previous version of SwordSearcher was done in Delphi 6. I must say that I really like Borland’s improvements to Delphi. There are a lot of features that had been lacking in Delphi 7, and it’s nice that they finally “caught up” with their competition in the desktop application development market. But Borland released D2005 too early. Too many annoyances/bugs that should have been dealt with before it was released marred D2005. Maybe they will get their act together with the next update…