SwordSearcher 5.0 Released

SwordSearcher Bible Study Software 5.0 is Finally Done and Released!

Some of you may be wondering why I’ve only blogged twice in the last three months. Well, I haven’t really had the time or energy, because I’ve been pouring most of those things into getting SwordSearcher 5.0 “out the door.”

And, finally, here it is!

Version 5 is the most significant update to SwordSearcher since 2001 when 4.0 was released. You can see what’s been changed and added here.

In addition to the major update, I’ve also developed a free utility advanced users and publishers can use to create modules for SwordSearcher without using the internal editor. I’m calling it Forge.

SwordSearcher 4.8; Daily Bible and Prayer 2.0; And my other programs

A few announcements about my software:

SwordSearcher Bible Software 4.8 has been released. See what’s new.

Daily Bible and Prayer 2.0 has been released. See what’s new.

Adjunct Blaster and Folder Jockey are now freeware programs. I’ve made them freeware because I’ve decided not to develop these further and they have never been an important part of my software business. I still use Folder Jockey every day, so you should check it out: it just might save you some tedium.