Two DWI charges in one night?

Driver racks up 2 DWI charges in single night [Article] – of interest: “…registered 0.16 on a breath test — twice the legal limit. He was transported to the Wake County jail, where his license was seized and revoked because of the DWI charge, and he was released on a written promise to appear.” Okay… the guy had so much alcohol in his blood that it would be dangerous to bring an open flame near him, and they release him because he promised to appear? What ever happened to making people sleep it off in a holding cell?

Blaster Virus maker arrested. He’s fat.

A 18 year-old has been arrested for making a modified version of the “Blaster” virus. [Article] The weird thing about this is that every news story I have seen or heard about this has mentioned that the guy is 6′ 4″ and 320 pounds. Yeah, that’s big. Odd though that it has to be included in every report about the guy. If he was smaller, do you think they would always mention that he was of average height and build?