General Clark: Easier to lie as a Democrat

Whatever misgivings I have about President Bush (and I have quite a few), none of the Democrats battling for the nomination could be as presidential as one G. W. nose hair.

This goes double for General “Weasel” Clark. He has repeatedly stated that he thinks Bush has done a terrible job as commander-in-chief — but this is a new idea for Clark. You see, before Clark decided that it would be easy to beat a bunch of clowns in the Democratic party rather than try to get somewhere in the Republican party (certainly, running in the primary against Bush would be hopeless), he had all kinds of praise for Bush and his administration.

Maybe he figured that if he was going to be running as a Democrat, he better act like one and, well, lie a lot. A whole lot. We’re talking Clintonian proportions, only without any of the Clintonian slippery slickness that Bubba gave us for eight years — because this is only the latest manifestation of Clark’s propensity for obfuscation of truth.


Setback for liberals in California

Today, liberals lost their bid to have the judiciary interfere with the electoral process in California. [Article] We all know what happened in Florida when the Democratic party was unhappy with the results of an election and they took it to the courts. It’s nice to know that they weren’t able to obstruct the process this time around… at least so far.

However, the judicial oligarchy of America is still strong as ever as the brouhaha over the Decalogue display in Alabama continues. The ridiculous order to remove the display still stands as “establishment of religion” continues to be twisted into ‘any public acknowledgement of history having to do with religion.’ [Article] Since the Alabama state constitution specifically acknowledges God as the source of the law, it would seem that a larger issue is at heart here.

It looks like Arnold has at least concluded the obvious, saying today that Claifornians are overtaxed. One continues to wonder at his selection of “tax me more” Democrat Buffett as his economic advisor. Arnold says that higher taxes are not on the table, but also says that the education budget is not on the table either. Given that the enormous California state education budget saps the treasury dry, this is absurd. There is no evidence that more money = better education. In fact, over the last 30 years, average per-pupil spending on public education has increased from around $3000 to over $6000 (dollars adjusted for inflation). Since we have not seen any empirical evidence that this massive spending increase has come with a noticeable improvement in results, perhaps it is time to start questioning the sacredness of education budgets and cut them along with all of the other overspending.

Liberal elites, hijacked Constitution, and that silly California mess

The hypocrisy of liberal elitists is well known. Robert F Kennedy, Jr., goes on tirades about the dangers of people driving SUVs but thinks nothing of going to his speeches on private jets that burn more fuel during takeoff than any SUV soccer-mom could ever hope to burn driving her kids around. California governor hopeful Ariana Huffington seems to think SUVs should be banned because of fuel use but air-conditions a 10,000+ square foot house. And now we have an environmental wacko who preaches against logging but has broken the law by logging himself. [Article]

US federal judges have hijacked the Constitution. Case in point: An Alabama monument to the Ten Commandments has been deemed “unconstitutional.” Never mind that the first amendment prohibits the ESTABLISHMENT of religion (not the acknowledgement of it as a source for moral code or basis for a legal system). The larger issue would seem to be the Alabama state constitution — apparently it is unconstitutional, too, because it recognizes God as superior to the government. Activist judges don’t like the idea that there is anything superior to the government (or the judiciary, for that matter). [Article]

I must admit to becoming a little frustrated over the California governor race to replace Davis. Frustrated is probably too harsh a word… Annoyed is probably better. There is a big push for Bill Simon and Tom McClintock, the two conservative candidates, to drop from the race and support Schwarzenegger. But this only makes sence if you only value that “R” being next to the governor’s name. But if the “R” comes with a candidate who doesn’t seem to hold any Republican positions, what is the point? The only hope for the state, as far as a new governor goes, is someone who will make liberal (no pun intended) use of the line-item veto to cut all the garbage spending that the state legislature constantly passes. But so far, Arnold has not ruled out higher taxes and his only political experience is in getting a massive proposition passed turning the state government into an afternoon babysitter. Sigh. [Related article]