General Clark: Easier to lie as a Democrat

Whatever misgivings I have about President Bush (and I have quite a few), none of the Democrats battling for the nomination could be as presidential as one G. W. nose hair.

This goes double for General “Weasel” Clark. He has repeatedly stated that he thinks Bush has done a terrible job as commander-in-chief — but this is a new idea for Clark. You see, before Clark decided that it would be easy to beat a bunch of clowns in the Democratic party rather than try to get somewhere in the Republican party (certainly, running in the primary against Bush would be hopeless), he had all kinds of praise for Bush and his administration.

Maybe he figured that if he was going to be running as a Democrat, he better act like one and, well, lie a lot. A whole lot. We’re talking Clintonian proportions, only without any of the Clintonian slippery slickness that Bubba gave us for eight years — because this is only the latest manifestation of Clark’s propensity for obfuscation of truth.


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