SwordSearcher 8 released.

Happy to announce the release of SwordSearcher 8.

My two favorite features from this release:

  • The KJV-TSK for integrated cross-references right in the text of the King James Bible. This is one of those seems-obvious-now-that-it’s-in-there kind of things.  It is also one of those can’t-do-without-it-now-that-I-have-it kind of things.
  • Complete, comprehensive support for Windows 10 scaling functionality. What’s that all mean? Perfect text rendering on ultra-high DPI screens, like the one on the Surface Book. (Believe it or not, this was the single most labor intensive part of the work on this new version, even though it is hardly glamorous and even difficult to demonstrate.)

All the details here.

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2 thoughts on “SwordSearcher 8 released.”

  1. No, SwordSearcher is a full-blown study application that runs on the Windows Desktop. I do not have an app for mobile platforms. But it does run great on Windows 10 tablets.

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