Constitution? Not in an Airport.

An amusing bit of news:

A man who wrote the fourth amendment on his skin was arrested at an airport.

A Charlottesville man who stripped down to his underwear at Richmond International Airport to protest security-screening procedures was charged with disorderly conduct Thursday, airport police said.

So, just to be clear. If you…

  • …are told to submit to groping and/or ogling by a TSA agent and don’t do so, you’re in trouble.
  • …make ogling more efficient by stripping down to your underwear in line without being asked, you’re in trouble.
  • …write the fourth amendment on your body, your first amendment rights will be violated and you’re in trouble.

Half the people behind this guy in line probably never saw the fourth amendment before this guy took his shirt off, so I say he’s just performing a public service.

Remember folks: Bureaucracy is the art of removing every last vestige of good judgment from every process involved. Don’t gum up the works by scrawling quotes from the nation’s fundamental legal document on your skin. You’re body belongs to the government, and they’ll have none of it, or didn’t you know that?

Happy new year!

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3 thoughts on “Constitution? Not in an Airport.”

  1. Really strange that the “naked cowboy” walks around Time Square in nothing but a speed-o but this kid takes his shirt off and he’s arrested? Government has brought uselessness to an absolute art form.

    Boy I sure feel safe flying these days knowing that no shirt-less 21-year-olds are going to be on the plane!

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