Gun Free Zones: Great for Criminals, Not so Much for You.

John Lott has a good peice about so-called “gun free zones” where he mentions:

“For years I would tell news people about the fact that every single multiple victim public shooting in the US involving more than three people killed took place in one of these gun-free zones.”

Every time I see a “no guns allowed” sign, I think of other really cool ideas for posted slogans, like perhaps “no home alarms allowed” at the entrance to a housing tract or maybe “locked doors prohibited” in a public parking lot. Better yet, how about one of those nice “KICK ME” signs on your back.

It is only common sense that banning the carrying of guns in any given area means that only criminals will carry guns there — and assuming they can read, they can do so with the confidence that there probably won’t be anyone there capable of stopping them.

Here’s an easy mental excersize: put yourself in the shoes of a burgler, driving down the street, trying to decide which house to break in to.  One house has a car in the driveway with a bumper sticker that says “Gun Control Means Using Both Hands.”  The next house has a car in the driveway that says “There is no room for guns in a civil society.”  Which house do you break in to?

If people having guns with them is such a big problem, when was the last time you heard of a “crazed gunman” going on a rampage at a gun show?

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One thought on “Gun Free Zones: Great for Criminals, Not so Much for You.”

  1. Too bad our present administration would just as soon ban your opinions. Guns being outlawed is coming, and it will happen in increments, just like every other liberty of ours has been taken away. Bit by bit.

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