Supreme Court Actually Reads Constitution

Well, I’m sure everybody who cares has heard by now that the Supreme Court has affirmed that an individual has the right to own guns, and that the individual right doesn’t have anything to do with military service.

So today we had a “duh” ruling. This is so obvious that one has to wonder when the four dissenting judges are going to be impeached by Congress for blatantly denying Constitutional rights.

What should worry people who care about the Constitution is that this was a 5-4 ruling. That means that there was actually a “swing vote” over such an obvious and clear right protected by the Bill of Rights. That means that it would only take one Constitutionalist judge being replaced by a liberal to erase this obvious, clear right from existence.

I won’t bore people with more punditry — it’s all been said. I’m glad that the Supreme Court has affirmed an obvious fact, and struck down an obviously unconstitutional law. I’ll be happy about that and shut up now.

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One thought on “Supreme Court Actually Reads Constitution”

  1. Right on the mark!!! Jesus did not waste his breath when he told his apostles that after he was gone from them that they would need to defend themselves. (Sword) Luke: 22 35-36
    Yes there is always chaff in with the wheat, even in the Supreme Court.

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