Stupid customer service tricks

My life insurance company has an automated system for contacting customers who miss a premium payment. You see, I got a new policy and I am allowing the old one to expire. My agent told me to simply not pay the bill from the old policy.

So this automated system calls me up in the morning. This is fine; if someone misses a payment due to an error you’d expect this. But it’s automated.  It says that I need to hold to speak to a customer service representative.

So I hold.

And hold.

Finally, after being told that a customer service representative would be with me in “just a moment,” the system gives me a new recording: the phone number to call to speak to a customer representative.  Then it hangs up on me.


You’d think that an automated system that calls customers and puts them on hold would have some kind of load balancing algorithm that would stop calling customers when all of the customer service representatives were already occupied!

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