Government schooling trains for subservience

People don’t seem to realize this very often: allowing the government to control education is inconsistent with living in an individualistic and free society.

Case in point: A Judge rules that school administrators can take punitive actions against students for things they write outside of school.

U.S. District Court Judge Mark Kravitz denied Avery Doninger’s request for a temporary injunction to overturn her high school election results Friday, but the Burlington teenager isn’t giving up her fight.

Doninger alleges Lewis S. Mills High School Principal Karissa Niehoff and Region 10 Superintendent Paula Schwartz violated her First Amendment right to free speech when they banned her from running for Class of 2008 secretary after she posted an offensive reference to school officials on a blog site from her home computer.

If public schools are a function of the government, what does punishing students for things they say against it, on personal blogs, teach about free speech?

Is it any wonder that each American generation seems more willing to give up responsibilities to the government?  Why not?  They are trained to sit down, shut up, and do as they’re told.  And if they speak out against the agents overseeing their daily training, there will be consequences.

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4 thoughts on “Government schooling trains for subservience”

  1. Brandon- THANK YOU! I’ve read much of your defenses of homeschooling, and believe them to be right on every count: Biblically, socially, educationally, and (shudder) governmentally. The big thing I always tell friends who are undecided is, “Children were never called to be salt and light – adults were, and families as a unit were. And, the Bible clearly indicates that a child has no discernment – that’s why they’re children!”. I have sent your links to numerous people and hope they challenge parents. As a formerly home-schooled girl, my husband and I are ready to embrace the calling with our own children as they grow (they’re 15 mos.old and 15 weeks pre-born, right now.)

    And, LOVE your brilliant analysis of the political spectrum as well – that is my hobby, and I am a committed “Rush” listener every day. :)

  2. The argument for a homeschooling education is rock solid. Although I think the addition of a communities input is very important. Unfortunately, the public eductional system is not interested in understanding the nature of God and humans, and some religious education still exhibits some of the post Constantine-Rome-Pope antichrist dogma. Although, that seems to become exceedingly rare if you look. Perhaps that is an even better choice.

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