Why is Apple preoccupied with Vista?

Paul Thurrott has some interesting comments on Apple’s preoccupation with Windows Vista:

“…But by the same token, I have to admit to being a bit shocked by how childish Apple is about Vista. Say what you will about Microsoft (heck, I do), but the company is at least deferential to its customers in public, about as far from smug as is humanly possible, and it very rarely takes pointed shots at the competition. From the opening PC guy video (“Widgets, gadgets… completely different. They are their own thing. Just like Aqua. I mean, uh, Aero.”) to the last moments of the keynote, Jobs and company unleashed a never-ending, tireless diatribe against Microsoft and its upcoming Windows Vista release.”

Steve Jobs, as Apple’s “Chief Evangelist,” is really quite the snob when it comes to Mac OS. In his view, only Apple develops innovative things, and Apple does it right. And the rest of the world simply needs to get with it. (And even when Apple gets its ideas from someone else, “Apple invented it!”)

On the other hand, my own experience is that Microsoft “Evangelists” tend to be very conciliatory with regards to Windows. They know it’s not perfect and they are more than willing to engage developers and try to be better. They’re not concerned with who came up with what first, though I guess if you have over 90% of the market, it’s a moot point.

Neither company is perfect, but it’s just interesting to me that Apple is doing exactly the opposite of what their position in the Desktop OS industry actually affords them.

And speaking of their position, Thurrott writes:

“…Apple’s explosion growth in 2005 did nothing to help the Mac’s market share, which is still mired at 2 percent worldwide. In other words, Steve’s claim is baloney: Apple hasn’t really gained any appreciable market share at all–indeed, Apple has lost market share every year since Jobs took the CEO helm…”

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