My quest for the perfect keyboard.

It was high-time I got a new keyboard. My old Compaq keyboard served me well, but it was aging and I need a USB keyboard anyway.

I went to CompUSA so that I could try out some keyboards. And what did I find? I don’t like any of them!

There are two major problems with most of the ‘high-end’ keyboards available today: 1. They are wireless. I don’t want a wireless keyboard. I use my keyboard in front of my monitor. The cord does not get in my way. I don’t want a keyboard that needs batteries! 2. Microsoft, Logitech, and some other companies have decided to do away with the F-keys — they have reassigned these keys and made the “traditional” F-keys a secondary function. So, that basically blew all of the “good” keyboards I could find at CompUSA out of the running.

I decided to get a “cheap” Viewsonic keyboard. It felt okay to type on and didn’t have a billion extra useless buttons (though it did have some). But this keyboard had some keys in the wrong place! Note to keyboard designers: the key goes ABOVE the Enter key, not next to the shift key! After using this keyboard I got extremely frustrated that I would easily hit the now misplaced key when I went for the right-shift, and accidentally his the Enter key when I went for the !

So finally I decided to just look online at some reviews. I settled on the Saitek “Gamer’s” Keyboard, and I like this keyboard! It does have some useless features: a blue backlight that shines from under the keys (it can be dimmed or switched off), and a “command pad” that is separate from the keyboard that can presumably be programmed for various functions or game keys — I haven’t bothered to plug this in. However, this keyboard has a wonderful feel to it — not too mushy, and it tolerates my rather “imprecise” targeting when I type. See, I never really learned how to type the right way, and I frequently hit the bottom or side edge of a key instead of right in the middle. Many keyboards do not like this kind of typing, but the Saitek doesn’t seem to mind, and I get great response from my keypresses no matter where on the key I apply the pressure. Also, this keyboard has the key where it belongs, has the normal F-keys, and does NOT have a million useless “media” buttons all over it!

Honestly, I think this is the best keyboard I have ever owned! I could care less that it is marketed as a “gamer’s keyboard” — it just happens to be the best designed keyboard I have tried. And it looks good too — a silver and black design that matches my Microsoft Intellimouse and my LCD monitor. If you’re looking for a decent new keyboard, give the Saitek Gamer’s Keyboard a try.

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