John Kerry tells fish stories about Osama bin Laden

Tora Bora Baloney:

John Kerry tells fish stories about Osama bin Laden.

“Getting the Tora Bora story right is important because Mr. Kerry’s accusation goes to the heart of his broader charge against Mr. Bush–that he bungled the war in Afghanistan. It’s hard to be convincing on this point, when, less than three years later, 10 million Afghans have just gone to the polls in the first free election in their 5,000-year-old history. It’s even harder to see how sending in thousands of U.S. troops to secure Tora Bora would have helped win that war faster–even if it had resulted in bin Laden’s death or capture. Mr. Kerry’s criticism of the Tora Bora campaign also belies his promise to rely more on allies if he were commander-in-chief.”

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