I didn’t know how bad I had it.

Sarcasm alert…

Well, I’ve been diligently working on my computer tonight, and while doing so I have had Fox News on the TV, keeping a quarter of one eye on the Democratic National Convention. I’m sure this isn’t helping my productivity. I mean, first of all, I had no idea how miserable I have been these last three and a half years. Now that I know that I am so miserable and that there is some “other America” out there that I am not allowed to participate in, I’m pretty depressed. But, as they said: “hope is on the way,” and when John & John take over the whitehouse and put an end to suffering and death and tyranny in the United States, I won’t have to work so hard at my computer. Because the health care I “deserve,” the colleges I “deserve” (maybe I’ll go back), and the minimum wage I “deserve” will all be provided to me by the new benevolent, all-knowing and all-caring government that will be created. There are only a few things that worry me. First, since I am self-employed, how will I be guaranteed my “deserved” minimum wage? I’m sure the new omniscient father-government will figure that out, though. Second, how will this new administration provide all of this wonderful care and beneficence with the evil Republicans still controlling both houses of Congress? We’ll have to wait on that one to find out, I guess. But at any rate, I clearly need to update my copy of the US Constitution. Mine is missing the parts that say the government will give everybody these nice things.

Oh, and I found out something NEW tonight! Did you know John Kerry went to Vietnam? He even has the video to prove it.

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