Republicans winning with new drug entitlement

It looks like the Republican party is about to win a big political victory by getting a prescription drug “benefit” through. This may be a political victory for the Republicans (because they are denying the Democrats the victory), but this is an economical disaster for the United States. This has got to be the biggest entitlement created since Social Security. A country with a free market system should not be making things like drug insurance new rights. Maybe some day it will be a right to own a car and the government will see to it that we all do. Perhaps a day will come that there are so many entitlements that we will just chuck the whole system and come up with a list of things that are actually the responsibility of the individual. Instead of saying things like education, retirement, and long-term health care are now responsibilities of the government, why don’t we just cut to the chase and make a law saying everything will be taken care of by the State, except a short list. That way Congress can spend more time on vacation with their annual self-passed pay raises rather than dreaming up of new entitlements to buy votes with. Why not? How about a central government building you can go to: “Hey, I need some food.” Okay, that’s not on the list, here you go, free food! “Hey, I am tired of taking care of my kid all day.” Okay, not on the list, here is an address of your local public school, just drop him off there and we’ll raise him for you. “Hey, I’d like to read a Bible.” Oh, sorry, that’s on the list. You’ll have to find some way of getting one of those yourself. Separation of Church and State and all, you understand!

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