Senators making a little sense; Extreme Stuff; Displays of Suicide not Condoned

Some senators are making an interesting point: it is easier for the recording industry to get information on alleged copyright violators than it is for the Justice Department to investigate terrorism. [Article] And of course we have the ever-clueless Boxer from CA who can’t tell the difference between a company sharing a customer list and forking over specific user details to an organization who wants to sue users.

Just when I thought everything under the sun that could be called “extreme” had been, from underarm deodorant to low-budget TV sports shows, Intel decided on the over-used marketing label for a new CPU: Pentium 4 with Hyperthreading Technology, Extreme Edition. Yeah, the CPU looks nice and all. But if it actually says “extreme” on it, it would just feel silly putting it in my computer. [Article] Well, I’ve been using AMD CPUs for years now anyway.

Here’s an amusing statement for the day: “Obviously, the St. Petersburg police does not condone public displays of suicide.” [Article] Good to know!

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