Schwarzenegger candidacy and unlikely voters

Schwarzenegger’s candidacy energizes unlikely California voters

I know it is not politically correct to suggest it, but there really are people who shouldn’t vote. I don’t mean to suggest that people be prevented from voting. But be realistic. People who never cared enough about government to get to the polls are now getting “energized” because a megastar like Schwarzenegger is on the ballot. Not because they have considered any issues. Not because they believe strongly in a candidate’s platform (to date, Arnold has yet to delineate one). Is this supposed to be good? Gary Coleman (the smaller government candidate, yuck-yuck) was on Hannity and Colmes last week saying that if his candidacy could “drive people to the polls” he would be happy. Doesn’t anyone else think that voters who vote just because there are celebrities on the ballot are probably not the people California needs determining its future?

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