The worship of education

Our society worships education.

I just watched a segment on Fox News about a father who refused to let his son work on the family farm. The son really likes farming, and wants to farm, just like his dad. But the father has forbidden his son from pursuing the same career and has required him to go to college, making him find other work.

This is stupid. There is nothing wrong with farming as a career. We all rely on farmers and someone has to farm! Why not let it be someone who likes farming? By what objective measure is getting a college degree and going for a non-agrarian career better than farming?

Stupid. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Making education god.

Virginia Government: Those kids are ours!

In Virginia, children still belong to the government, and parents do not have the right to educate their children unless they have what the State considers a sufficient education themselves. [Article] Virginia throws parents a bone and allows them access to the development of their children if they are enrolled in a course that the all-knowing and all-perfect State education system approves of. With all of the hoops Virginian parents are required to jump through to control the education of their own children, one wonders: what is the legal recourse that a parent has if the Virginia education system fails their child?

New Jersey Politician Targets Homeschoolers

New Jersey Politician Targets Homeschoolers

“While New Jersey politicians attempt to punish law-abiding homeschoolers for the sins of DYFS and the Jacksons, one of every 14 children in foster care in the state is placed in a home operated by someone with a criminal conviction or documented as having mistreated a child.”