Home schooling isn’t just being done by a bunch of people with guns in Idaho.

Wow, a fairly positive story on homeschooling in the mainstream press! [Article] Pretty good article.

A few things though: “Home schooling isn’t just being done by a bunch of people with guns in Idaho.” Hey now. What’s wrong with a bunch of people with guns in Idaho? “Home schooling is for highly motivated kids who want to learn and don’t need the daily accountability.” Sure, some kids don’t need “daily accountability.” But homeschooling is also for kids with parents who take an active interest in their development, whether or not they need “daily accountability.”

Education welfare

Education welfare: A mildly interesting article about the school transfer option of the “No child left behind” education plan included this quote from an indignant citizen:

“I would have taken the option to transfer, but I didn’t have it,” Jackson said. “This law ended up costing me money out of my own pocket.”

Boo hoo. Imagine that — having to foot the bill for your own child’s benefit. We homeschoolers do this every day. Americans have come a long way… No longer the independent minded people we once were, most of us take for granted that the costs of education will be paid for by everyone else. Jackson is not happy that his son’s school is underachieving but can’t understand why he should be responsible for the costs of his child’s education. And yet, homeschoolers choose to pay for their child’s eduction “100% out of pocket,” and still pay the property taxes and federal taxes that fund government schools that fail.