Virginia Tech – Another failure of gun control laws.

Yesterday’s Virginia Tech massacre, where a single crazed student was able to kill over 30 of his peers in the span of two hours, is just one more example of the failure of gun control laws to keep guns out of the hands of criminals. But will this event cause gun control proponents to rethink their position ensuring that only criminals can carry guns?

Suppose that one year ago, house bill 1572 were not squashed before it could get a floor vote:

[State quashed bill allowing handguns on campuses]

Clearly, squashing a bill reaffirming students’ Second Amendment rights didn’t make Virginia Tech “safer.”

Imagine if those students had their First Amendment rights infringed in college. The ACLU would have been there in a heartbeat. Where are those students’ civil rights now?

The attack on the Second Amendment rights of responsible United States citizens hasn’t just disarmed law abiding citizens; it has also had the effect of making them dependent upon government agents for their defense. And that’s the tragedy in the atrocity: that a single student could rampage for over two hours without being stopped by his peers.

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