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So you’re here, and your wondering who this Brandon Staggs is. If you’re sure you want to know, read on for a mini-bio.

I was born in California, and didn’t bother anybody until I was eight years old and got my first computer: a Commodore 64. A year later, I started teaching myself how to program on it, and am now earning my living as a software programmer (among other things).

Later, I also discovered that I enjoy writing provocative editorials, short stories, and other musings. So I joined up with a bunch of other students  and we published Temecula Valley High School’s first “underground newspaper,” which we called Open Season. The school mascot was a bear. Get it? Clever, huh? At that time I knew everything, so writing was exceptionally easy.

Anyway, I’m a born again Bible believing Christian. That’s a mouthful, I know, but what it means is that I believe on Jesus Christ and rely on him for my salvation, and I believe the Bible is God’s word. (As of April 2009, I am using a separate blog for my Bible study posts.)

Right there I lost half the audience. Nevertheless, I shall plod on.

At the old age of 19 I married my wife Rebekah. Don’t ask me what took so long. We lived in Hawaii for ten years, then moved to Oklahoma, where we currently reside. (Yes yes, I know: Oklahoma!? Believe me, there are good reasons to move from the Garden Island to Green Country.) God has blessed us with a son, Nathaniel.

We are homeschoolers by conviction. No, we don’t just homeschool as a choice, we do it because it’s the right thing to do.

There goes another chunk of the audience. Still reading?

Talking politics is always a good way to clear a room (or liven it up), so let’s try that: I’m a Republican, but I’m not sure I want to admit to that any more. I suppose the only reason I tell people I am a Republican is so that they won’t think I am a Democrat.

As to what I do: I like programming, and I love the Bible, so I am usually developing Bible Study Software. You can see much of the software I have developed at StudyLamp Software. I also do contract programming in the Tulsa area. When not programming, I’m usually doing web-related work, marketing, design, etc. Lots of things. I also offer web design services.

I’ve got a sarcastic and dry sense of humor and I don’t usually sugarcoat my opinions. What’s a guy like me to do? Run a blog, of course.