Obligatory comments on last night’s presidential debate

I thought this debate was a waste of time. Unfortunately, the President appeared to think so, too. He looked like he probably felt — annoyed and irritated to be debating someone so obviously inconsistent as Kerry.

Kerry did a fair job of appearing consistent on Iraq — that is, he managed to keep from contradicting himself too overtly during the debate. For this debate, Kerry decided to argue that Saddam was a threat, just not one worth doing anything about. That is opposed to his previous positions that Saddam was not a threat, and that Saddam was a threat and invasion was proper.

It was surprising to hear Kerry actually complain that our military is researching improved bunker buster bombs with nuclear components. Why he thinks we shouldn’t be pursuing improved weapon research is anybody’s guess, especially when terrorists have a habit of hiding deep inside mountains that conventional weapons have a hard time busting, but that is at least consistent with his Senate record of stifling military research.

When you get down to it, it is ludicrous of Kerry to be arguing that the war was the wrong war, but that he is somehow going to magically bring in more countries to help us fight that “wrong war at the wrong time.” I suspect he knows that’s absurd. Say anything to get elected…

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